Throw Pillows from Throw and Co.

You never can have enough pillows – just ask my husband who has to search through the rows on our bed each night to find his favorites.   I love how they help to bring all the odds and ends together in a room and also offer the opportunity to infuse your distinct personality.  Throw pillows have a special way of transforming an otherwise fantastic room into perfection.  At Throw & Co.  there is definitely a pillow for everyone!  The colors are really vivid and the patterns have a classic modern infusion.  Happy Shopping!



Introducing Matt Anderson Photography!

Fall Folliage.  Holiday Card.  Family Reunion.  New Baby.  Happy Home.  Beloved Pet.  These are only some of the special occasions where families and friends gather together for photographs.  The reasons are endless.  The photography needs to be memorable.

We are happy to introduce, Matt Anderson Photography!  Specializing in capturing your
special moments, whether candid or set.  We love Matt’s attention to detail and how each
photo tells a story.  For more information, contact Matt Anderson Photography directly today
at 312-498-3348 or MatthewAnderson@yahoo.com to set up time to create your memorable

Parker & Rain Bar Cart Trays

These barcart trays from Parker & Rain are the perfect way to add a little oomph to a room.  With patterns like Canary Yellow Bamboo, Union Jack and Serveware there is something for everyone and every taste.  No doubt these trays will dress up a barcart, but why stop there?   They would also be a perfect addition to your dresser or bathroom to display your jewelry or as a pop of color to a book shelf – really, so many possibilities.


On My Wish List. Maggie Meiners Photographs.

One of my favorite things to find on other blogs are new artists, photographer’s, painters, sculptures etc. Creative people making beautiful images that I might not have ever known about had it not been for that particular post.

Maggie Meiners, a local photographer, just happens to be one of our very favorites. She has been showing her photographs for years in and around Chicago but her most recent exhibit was undoubtably the best in our minds. The images took my breath away. They have the perfect combination of vivid colors, a little sparkle and a touch of mystery. Every image has an undeniable nostalgia. She tells a story but leaves us wondering. Each piece has classic elements but with it’s own quirky twist.

A Maggie Meiners photograph is surely on my Christmas list this year (Mom, Joe…are you reading?). I’d really love the entire series but one would do me just fine. Wouldn’t the tennis player be fabulous in an otherwise formal dining room? Kiddy Cocktails is just the thing for a bare living room wall, right?

Everyone has empty space in their house just waiting for the perfect thing. I think you’ll find Maggie’s images fit perfectly in any happy home.

For More Information: maggiemeiners@gmail.com 773.383.9197 www.maggiemeiners.com

You may remember we also love Maggie’s silhouettes.








Banda Coffee Table. Serena & Lily.

We love this coffee table by Serena & Lily. Hand woven of sustainable rattan, it is super airy. Love it for a sunroom but it would be a fun addition to an otherwise formal living room or library. I happen to have two sofas that I’m sure it would love to sit in front of right now. If the sofas are extra long then a pair would be perfect.

Luckily, it’s on sale now at Serena & Lily so I better grab it quickly…


Keep Your Pies Safe! Park Hill Collection Pie Safe

Fall is in the air and we hope it is filled with the smell of delicious autumnal pies!  Cherry Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie… yes, please!  Why not protect your baked goods from little hands and secret bites with this wooden pie safe from the Park Hill Collection.

We think that this classic piece would look great on the countertop in a country kitchen or displayed on a hutch in a dining room.  This would also make a perfect gift for the favorite baker in your life.


The Rug Company

Owl by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby | Tibetan Wool Rug

Snake by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby | Tibetan Wool Rug

Fishes by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby | Tibetan Wool Rug

Ooooh! How I love these rugs from The Rug Company! Not totally sure where they would end up but I think they are kind’a funny and every room should have something funny in it, right? I’m especially fond of the owl and the fish but think the snake would be pretty awesome in a boy’s room. Might be fun to walk into someone’s house and see a giant owl staring you down, wouldn’t it?