It’s About Time


I’m totally digging these giant G-Shock watches. The brigher the better. I’ve got the lipstick red on my wrist right now. Love it for tennis, running, cycling or just for fun with jeans and a t’shirt. LOVE my moster big red watch! I might have to jump on that lime green or sunshiney yellow for summer.


Nightlights. White Rabbit England.

These sweet night lights are certainly going to find their way under the tree in our house this year. White Rabbit England was started by two super chic sisters in England. As little girls, they had a toadstool night light just like these. As moms they set out ot replace the light they  knew and loved as children. Not having any luck finding anything quite like they remembered, they decided to take matters into their own hands and make their own. Thus, White Rabbit England was born. So, so  sweet.





Bobbi Brown. Uber Beige.

Love Bobbi Brown Uber Beige lipstick. My mom picked it out for me at the Bobbi Brown counter last winter. Great choice, Mom! I love it for everyday. It has just the right amount of color but not too much. So, it’s great to keep in my car to zip around the lips before racing off to school or play.

Uber Beige was a limited edition color that Bobbi Brown just re-released due to popular demand. Grab it while you can!



Romney? Obama? Tom’s Makes a Political (Fashion) Statement.

We love Tom’s, especially during election season. With the first debate behind us (who do YOU think won last night?) and just a few weeks until we head to the polls,  it’s time to put that bumper sticker on your car, the lawn sign in your front yard and slip on your Tom’s!

How politically chic are these? What better way to support Mitt or Barack than with your shoes…or if you would rather take a less partisan approach to your footwear the VOTE shoe is just as awesome. We love Tom’s for many reasons but especially love that they support getting to the voting booth on November 6th!



AMAZING Arcona Skin Care: Guest Post and Giveaway!

This summer I asked our friend Jane Duncan (who has the most beautiful skin and who happened to be in the skincare business for years) to point me in the direction of a good cleaner, moisturizer, eye cream – the works. I have never been into skin care and it showed. Without hesitation, she said Arcona. The next day, I found them online, bought exactly what she told me to buy and quickly fell in love (by the way, the customer service is second to none!). We’ve asked Jane to tell you what she loves about Arcona and where to begin with the line…

For a couple of years, I worked at a boutique in Chicago that carried hard to find, niche, luxury cosmetic and skincare lines. A self-proclaimed product junkie, I loved trying and learning about different products, but for years I’ve been faithful to only one……Arcona. What makes them different is their active ingredients are cold processed in small batches to maintain effectiveness.  The products contain no petrochemicals, binders or fillers, chemical stabilizers, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphates, perfumes, dyes, or any other caustic, toxic ingredients. Basically, all the good stuff and none of the bad makes your skin GLOW.

The Basic Five is the starting point for everyone who uses the line.  There are different Basic Five options for different skin types or issues.  The Arcona website has a good guide to helping determine your Basic Five, but another thing I love is you can call their toll free number and speak with someone at the studio who will tell you exactly which products are best for you.  After you use the Basic Five for about 4-6 weeks your skin balances out and you can incorporate A.M. serums and/or P.M. treatments to  target more specific concerns. I love most every Arcona product, but here are some of my favorites:

Triad Pads - they are perfect for travel or the gym! A quick swipe of your face leaves you cleansed, toned, and moisturized with tons of antioxidants. I use them before bed when I’m too tired to wash my face.

Mandarin Brightening Peel - this mask is a facial in a tube. A little hint, put it on clean skin before you shower. Leave it on for a couple minutes in the steam, rinse and follow with moisturizer and Desert Mist.

The Solution or Gentle Solution – it’s part of the Basic Five used at night after cleansing this treatment is brightening, firming, and nourishing. It’s stimulates cell renewal and strengthens skin’s immune system.

Arcona.com or The Arcona Studio (877) 272-6620

Here’s the GREATEST news!!! The darling girls at Arcona are offering the first five people who make a purchase after reading this post a complimentary full size container of their brand new and totally FABULOUS Brightening Gommage (which retails for $52). Here’s the scoop: If you make a purchase, email us at katie@marketsquaremusings.com and we will handle the rest. BUT you must make the purchase between today and October 10th. So take Jane’s advice on where to begin and call The Arcona Studio today (if you don’t know Jane, I promise, she has the most beautiful skin that glows – you want to trust her on this). 




Parker & Rain Bar Cart Trays

These barcart trays from Parker & Rain are the perfect way to add a little oomph to a room.  With patterns like Canary Yellow Bamboo, Union Jack and Serveware there is something for everyone and every taste.  No doubt these trays will dress up a barcart, but why stop there?   They would also be a perfect addition to your dresser or bathroom to display your jewelry or as a pop of color to a book shelf – really, so many possibilities.


Lisa Cotten at The Lake Forest Shop. September 25th – 26th. Don’t Miss!

We are so excited that one of our favorite jewelry designers is coming to Lake Forest! Lisa Cotten has been creating the most beautiful bobbles since 2005. Her collection has been featured at Material Possessions in Chicago and Maze Home in Winnetka and is debuting at The Lake Forest Shop this Fall. We can’t wait for her trunk show on September 25, 26 – We promise, it is a show that you will not want to miss. Mark it down in your books, girls!

Lisa’s studio is in Winnetka so of course we love supporting a local gal. Amazingly, this former model and mother of four has found the time to create an stunning collection designed with the finest precious stones sourced from Thailand, India, Brazil and beyond.  You are sure to fall in love with the line. I especially adore the Bubble Rings and Europa Hoop earrings and Rings. Oh, and I’d love the blue Indra Collection Earrings too. Honestly, anything in her line is fabulous for day and night – everyday and special occasion. Which makes it totally a smart purchase!

See you at Lisa Cotten’s Show at The Lake Forest Shop on September 25 and 26th!



C Wonder-Ful Letter Belt!

Complete your wardrobe for Fall (or any season, really) with this monogram belt from C. Wonder.  Each initial belt buckle is 18k gold plated and you can choose from a variety of belt straps in a variety of colors and materials, like white and black leather and leopard calf hair.  Most of the straps are reversible, so you get two belts for the price of one!  This belt is a wonderful alternative to the Hermes “H” belt and a fraction of the price.  Not only do we think that this is a must-have accessory for yourself, but we think it would make a wonderful, personal gift for a friend.