Dolce and Gabbana Pom-Pom Earrings


I love these. Particularly love the first image. Giant pom poms, raffia tassles and beautiful natural stones. They kind of look like an art project which is really why I love them. They are Dolce and Gabanna though and kind of pricey… but I would take any single one of them and wear them everyday if they were mine.








Guest Post by Alison Graf – The Benefits of Arbonne

arbonne 1


I’ve been a product junkie for many, many years. I used to raid my grandmother’s bathroom drawers and cabinets as a little girl. In fact, one Christmas, around the age of 11, I started asking for make-up and hair care products and my love for all things beauty became official!  My quest for the latest and greatest beauty products continued throughout high school, college and into adulthood.  I loved trying new things and always had high hopes that what I was trying would be that life changing product that I could tell everyone about. (Of course, I do realize that “life changing” is clearly an exaggeration as we are simply talking beauty products here!)

Seven years ago my search ended when I was introduced to Arbonne. Arbonne is a company that was started in 1980 in Switzerland and even back then was way ahead of its time. The company’s motto is Pure, Safe and Beneficial. There are over 400 products in the categories of skincare, cosmetics, detox, nutrition and weight loss. All of the products are hypoallergenic, botanically-based, use no animal testing, no animal by-products, no mineral oil and no chemical dyes or fragrances. In fact, I love these products so much that I decided to build a business with Arbonne!

When asked what my favorite Arbonne product is I struggle with the answer. There are so many…the anti-aging RE9 Eye Cream, the Vanilla Protein Powder, the Make-Up Primer and the FC5 Hand Cream all come to my mind. But truly one of the most incredible products that Arbonne makes is the RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Masque. Formulated with pineapple and papaya enzymes this mask goes on like a cream, sits on your skin for five minutes and then is washed off leaving your skin softer than it’s ever felt before! Seriously! It visibly improves skin tone, texture, minimizes the appearance of pores and provides skin with an immediate, radiant glow.  Used once or twice a week this mask just might become a staple in your beauty routine!

Thank you, Alison, for contributing to Market Square Musings!  For more information about Arbonne or to find out how to order Arbonne Products, please contact Alison at  alibgraf@yahoo.com.  


Performance Factory Training – Free CrossFit Class!!!


We have fallen in love with a new gym! Seriously, you have GOT to try this place!

Performance Factory Training is a new CrossFit and personal training gym in Highwood. No frills. Seriously hardcore workouts that really kick your butt! The guys that run the gym are all ex-football players. They are super knowledgeable, hardworking and motivating. They know how to get people in shape.

The space is big and open and full ropes, kettle bells, medicine balls, boxes for step-ups, cones for sprints and weights of all shapes and sizes.  They train everyone from miliary guys to hockey players to regular people who just want to stay in shape and not spend hours at a gym.

PFT offers CrossFit Classes, Personal Training and Sports Performance Training. The classes last 45 minutes tops. Each class is totally different (thank goodness because I get bored quickly!), super-fast and challenging. They play great tunes really loud. They’ll even use your playlist. How nice is that?!

Grab a group of friends and set up a class time just for you. I promise, you will love these guys and their workouts. They claim that CrossFit changes lives – I totally believe it!

Thank you Performance Factory Training for offering MarketSquareMusings.com readers a free CrossFit Class! Make sure to tell them that we sent you – and go before May 1st!

Performance Factory Training – 525 Bank Lane – Highwood, IL – 847.748.8441

photo copy 4






Lululemon Spring 2013 – Bring on the Color!

Here are just some of the beauties from Lululemon’s Spring 2013 line.  We are loving all of the color!

lululemon 1 lululemon 2 lululemon 3 lululemon 5


lululemon 4


Just looking at the clothes inspires me to go out and get going!  So looking forward to Spring!!


Canada Goose

It’s snowing! Not quite time to put away the big, warm coats just yet. My new favorite cold weather gear comes from Canada Goose. They are so, super warm and cozy. I love the furry hood and cozy elastic around the sleeves.

Who knows snow gear better than Candadians? Each coat is handcrafted in the country which was founded over 50 years ago and has become the leading name in extreme weather gear.

Cool fact…Canada Goose uses coyote fur around the collars and hoods because it never freezes, doesn’t hold water and the uneven hair lengths create a windbreak that protects exposed skin, helping to reduce heat loss from the face. Cool!

Because it’s the end of the snowy season you can find Canada Goose coats on sale. That’s good news because we’ll probably have snow on the ground until May around here!


Guest Post by Ann Flood, Co-Founder/Managing Editor, Edible Chicago

Edible Chicago CoverSweet Potato Wedges





By Ann Flood, Co-Founder/Managing Editor, Edible Chicago

Sweet Potatoes are considered one of the more popular family-friendly choices of the winter season’s root vegetables because of its sweet and savory flavor profile. Not related to regular potatoes, sweet potatoes are actually tuberous roots and are members of the morning glory family. The orange color is from beta-carotene, which is good for vision health and boosting immune function. It’s also loaded with vitamins, proteins and minerals. In addition to Vitamin A and C, sweet potatoes also contain anti-inflammatory properties that help with arthritis, asthma and allergies; and fiber, which aids digestion and are naturally gluten-free. They are also an excellent food for a diabetic diets because they are a complex carbohydrate and contain no processed sugars, which in turn helps control glucose levels. This hearty root vegetable stores easily during the long winter months, making it easy to keep a supply on hand, ready for a meal. Plus, there are many ways to cook a sweet potato: baked, steamed, candied, fried, grilled, twice-baked, smashed, sautéed, or pan-roasted—all reasons why this versatile food is one of my favorite eats during the cooler weather season.


Look for sweet potatoes that are very firm, no soft spots, sprouts or blemishes. Choose a size that is best for your recipe—small for frying, medium for baking, and on the larger side for boiling or cubing. I prefer buying organic vs. conventional whenever possible, so that I know they are free from potential pesticide and fertilizer residues.


You can store sweet potatoes for up to three weeks in a loosely covered bag or an open cardboard box to allow for air circulation in a cool, dark area like your pantry or basement. Avoid refrigeration.



One Large Sweet Potato

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sea Salt or Kosher Salt

Fresh Black Pepper


Peel one large potato and cut lengthwise into 8 wedges. Parboil the wedges by placing them into a pot of water at a low boil for 8 minutes.  Drain and pat dry with paper toweling.  Place the potatoes in a large bowl with just enough olive oil to coat the wedges and add seasoning to taste.  Lightly toss; making sure that the seasoning is evenly distributed over all the wedges.  Lay the sweet potato wedges on a parchment lined baking sheet and place in a 425 degree oven for 30 minutes or until nicely browned on the outside and tender on the inside.

Serves two to four people as a side dish.


Check out the Midwinter issue of Edible Chicago for an engaging article we call “Sweet Potatoes, The Dry & The Moist” written by chef, author and leading vegetarian expert Deborah Madison from her new book, Vegetable Literacy. You’ll also find a reference to the many the sweet potato varieties and two original recipes. The print issue is out on the streets now, and the digital version is available at ediblechicago.com.

Exclusive special this week to Market Square Musings fans!

Sign up for a year’s subscription for $28.00 and get the Sweet Potato issue for FREE! Go to ediblechicago.com and select the Subscription tab. Enter MSM in the gift area and your copy will be sent out first class mail right away! Free issue offer good until March 1, 2013.  A one year subscription is four issues per season.

Sweet Potato Photos: © shutterstock.com

Cover: © Edible Chicago

Thank you, Ann, for contributing to Market Square Musings and for providing our viewers with your special offer!  Please visit Edible Chicago at http://ediblechicago.com/ and make sure to sign up for your year’s subscription today!


Guest Post by Jamie Drake – The Benefits of Isagenix Nutritional Cleanse


Isagenix is a nutritional cleanse that simultaneously nourishes while detoxing the deep tissue in the entire body, not just the liver or colon.  When you nourish while detoxing, the unwanted toxins that have been stored in the fat come out. This cleanse is not meant to be a diet or a quick fix. It is meant to teach you the right way to eat and to make changes in the way you perceive food.  It helps you to get in touch with your hunger signals, break sugar binging and control emotional eating. This program is meant to kickstart you into fat burning mode and release toxic fat that will not come back if you continue to eat this way.  By cleansing toxins and replacing them with vital nutrients, minerals, vitamins and enzymes, the body will release stored fat and begin the healing process.

I had been curious about doing a cleanse for quite some time.  My frustration with the extra weight I had kept on after I gave birth to my two daughters mixed with my strong desire to create healthier eating patterns for myself and my family led me to start searching for something to fit the bill.  After seeing a few people in my life experience life changing results with The Isagenix Nutritional Cleanse System, I decided to give it a try.  After 4 months, I was 28 pounds lighter, I felt healthier, I was sleeping better, and I had a better handle on what foods I should be eating.

Experiencing the Isagenix Cleanse and the maintenance that has come since has taught me several lessons about the way I live, the habits I have shed and new ones I have formed.  During this process, I’ve learned to give up attachments to food and long established habits.  I’ve learned that some things that feel impossible are entirely within reach.  The knowledge I’ve gained and the feelings of empowerment over what I put into my body have well outweighed every feeling of anxiety I experienced about doing a cleanse.  It was worth it, and it worked.

Thank you, Jamie, for contributing to Market Square Musings!  Please check out Jamie’s site at  http://myhappypromise.wordpress.com/.  


Lanai Caftan: Tory Burch

Current Image

I”m starting to think about Spring Break. All of us need new Spring clothes. This little number from Tory Burch is probably the least necessary on my list but I keep coming back to it. I love the wild flowers, the navy and poppy and the super breezy bohemian vibe. Adore this over a bikini for the pool or barefoot and over white jeans for cocktails.

I think I need it, don’t you?


PB2 – Powdered Peanut Butter



PB2 is a new Powdered Peanut Butter that is out in the market.  It comes in regular and chocolate flavor.  PB2 is made by pressing all of the fat out of the peanuts leaving a peanut flavored powder.  PB2 is much lower in fat and calories – about 45 calories per 2 tablespoons compared to 180 Calories for 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.  However, PB2 lacks some of the nutritional power that regular peanut butter provides.  I think that PB2 is great for smoothies and other recipes when you are looking to cut down on calories and fat, but still want the flavor.


Guest Post: Kiddles Sports. Splits59 Chic Active Wear.


We asked our buddy Aric at Kiddles Sports in Lake Forest to help us out with a guest post today. He chose to write about a new line of chic workout clothes for women. I think most people think hockey sticks and soccer balls when they think Kiddles…But wait!!! Before you drive to lululemon, run into Kiddles to check out this uber cute new line first. I love the funnel neck pullover and super sexy tanks.

Take it away Aric…

Kiddles Sports strives to bring you the latest in workout apparel. We are always searching for the highest quality fabrics with a flair for fashion.

Splits59 is the ultimate sportswear collection whether you are working out or just running errands. Splits59 apparel provides the ultimate fit and the most comfortable fabrics. The proper fitting apparel with moisture management keeps you dry and comfortable and allows you to perform to your utmost. From proper fitting bras to capris and coverups, Kiddles Sports has you covered.

The spring/summer collection is landing at Kiddles Sports on February 18th. Kiddles Sports is hosting a spring collection event at 7pm on February 28th. All new styles will be 15% off and all previous fall apparel with be 40% off. Stop by and see why Splits59 is so popular with celebrities and why is it quickly becoming the next step in the evolution of activewear for women.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the great styles we have to offer.






 Thanks, Aric!

Kiddles Sports – 258 Market Square – Lake Forest, IL 60045 – 847.234.0025