Ivivva Snap Off Pants For Little Athletes


ivivva snap


ivivva 2


Dig these snap off pants for little girls at Ivivva. Aren’t they the best?! I want them so badly for myself but I think I just have to get them for my little athlete. Best news: They are on SALE at Ivivva!



Neiman Marcus: Paris Majestic Uber Soft T’Shirts

My adorable Mom loves this super soft stuff from Neiman’s. She looks so darling in this little short sleeved turtle neck – I am now racing off to buy one for myself. It is so light weight and uber soft. It’s just fine for May 26th weather – whether you are in the Midwest or just about anywhere. Darling with skirts, jeans, shorts or even over your workout stuff – that’s how comfy it is.



Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

The Mezzanine


Hopefully, you have a whole lot of rest and relaxation planned this Memorial Day weekend!  If you are like me, I hope it includes a pool and a book, like The Mezzanine, by Nicholson Baker.  At 166 pages, I can be sure to make it through this one in a reasonable period of time.  I also hope to be poolside wearing this…

thierry colson

and hopefully drinking one of these….grapefruit shandy 1


Happy Memorial Day!



Love this Vince dress for everyday. Doesn’t it look comfy? This might get me out of my uniform of yoga pants and t’shirt.

vince dress


Miyani. Theory.


This is kind of perfect. Don’t you want to have it in your closet for anytime you need to throw on a dress? I do.

Theory always has great little reliables. This one is called Miyani.


Perfect Summer Sandal – The Novella by M.Gemi

novella 1.2 novella 1 novella 2 Novella 3

This super chic shoe from M.Gemi, the Novella, is the perfect summer sandal.  These shoes are made in Italy and you can see the care that goes into making this shoe classic, yet modern.  They make a statement but in an effortless way which makes them a great accoutrement to your summer wardrobe.



dosa is one of my very favorite little stores in new york. i happened to live just steps away from it back in the late 1990’s (yikes). it was a tiny store. lovely and perfectly simple just like the beautiful line of clothes that hung gently along the walls.

here are some of my favorites from this season…

dosa 5



dosa 4

dosa 6

and a few from the standard issue collection…

dosa skirt

dosa dress


Shinola Watches – Made in the USA

Shinola 1 Shinola 2 Shinola 3


Love these hand-made Shinola watches made right here in the good ole USA — Detroit to be exact.  The watch has a bit of a retro feel to it with lugs that are similar to those seen on pocket watches and the watch face is simple yet bold.  There are many watches in the $200-$500 range, so it is a great way for people to dip their toe into a timepiece watch without breaking their budget.  I think there is a bright future ahead for Shinola – get yours today!


Hat Trick – Protect Yourself This Season With a Beautiful Straw Hat

straw hat 1 Straw hat 2 Straw hat 3 Straw Hat 4

We are huge proponents of wellness at MarketSquareMusings.com.  Many of our posts focus on how to stay healthy on the inside, but the outside is just as important.  While you are taking the time to mull over the sun block you are going to purchase for the upcoming months, make sure you also take the time to invest in some hats.  Some feel clothing is an even more effective form of sun protection than sun screen.  With so many different affordable styles – you can have a hat for every day of the week.