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After months of sharing ideas and images that we found on our favorite websites and blogs we decided it would be fun to try it ourselves. Why not share with our friends, new and old, some of things that we love to make, give, get, noodle on and covet? We hope you find inspiration in some our favorite things.

We happen to live a stones throw away from arguably one of the most adorable market squares in the country. Lake Forest is a little village just north of Chicago. Periodically, we want to showcase favorite finds from our Market Square. But we’re not stopping there. We want to spotlight goodies found in towns across the country. Maybe someday you’ll find us musing about something in your Market Square.

fall familyLindsey Anderson was born and raised within a couple of miles of Lake Forest’s Market Square and moved back with her family in 2009 to raise her two daughters, Harper, Darby and Shelby with her husband, Matt.  She loves reading books in hardcopy, cooking for her family and friends, yoga, gardening and anything from France.  She hopes that one day she will learn how to put on make-up properly, find the perfect hair cut and considers laughter the best medicine!

Katie Brickman 
is a stay at home mom who should be figuring out ways to save on groceries or helping her children with math facts but prefers surfing design blogs and is happy to finally have a good reason to spend hours online looking at light fixtures, paint colors and the best place to find a perfect hostess gift.

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19 thoughts on “About Us

  1. LOVE IT!!!! Such a beautiful, fun site!! I’m so excited about the Lego tote and the Todd’s driving shoes… uh oh… this is trouble. So proud of you two!!!!

    • Fabulous!!! What a great concept…….a shorcut to finding all the goodies that I never seem to have time or patience to get to these days! Very cute concept.I love the name and the design is so cute. WELL DONE!

  2. Will look forward to reading Market Square Musings, drinking coffee and hearing my children scream for cheesey eggs in the morning!!! FABULOUS Style, FABULOUS Ladies!!! Cheers!

  3. Love this girls. Linds-so happy for you and very proud. Just what I need, another shopping site! You know me-SOLD! I will follow this every day to distract me from mundane legal work. Cheers.

  4. So excited to put this on my morning, afternoon, and evening quick blogroll!!! Love the concept!!!! I can always use a fun stylish deal and inspiration to cook a good meal!!! Can’t wait to follow along…..XO

  5. Lindsay, I love your blog! What a fun concept. I also recently started blogging (in the spare time I do not have), and it has been a fun, creative outlet. Keep up your great posts!! xoxo

  6. Katie-I love your blog! I am for sure ordering the french bistro chairs in red. I always love your style so this is SO MUCH FUN to give me some cute ideas! XO

  7. Loved the newspaper article about ya’ll – congratulations!! Tried to register for the garden shoe giveaway but you have to be a resident of Illinois. :( Happy blogging!

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